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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Starting out in Domestic Discipline

The biggest Question I get asked is how to start out with Domestic Discipline. There is no easy answer to this but there are ways of starting that can make the DD journey a bit easier. For the purposes of this article I will write it as if you are already a couple and that you have decided that DD is what you both want.
The first main point and one that I cannot stress enough is communication. Without it, it will not work. This of course is true for any relationship but is even more important in Domestic Discipline relationships. 
Right from the beginning you must be open and honest with one another. I always think that the best way to start a DD life is to sit down together at the start and talk, talk and talk some more. There is no rush to get started and the more that is communicated the less likely there are to be problems later on.
The HOH from the beginning should make it clear what he wants and what he expects from the TIH. These first few discussions are the founation of what will be your DD life. ( Next weeks article will focus on rules)
The HOH may wish to discuss the 4 main rules that are often used in Domestic Discipline known as the 4 D's
You should both explain what you want out of DD, what your fears or worries are and what DD means to you. Write things down if needed. Look on the internet and read as much as you possibly can about the subject and share this with your partner. This is where both the HOH and TIH can be completely honest with one another and especially in the case of the TIH can express anything that they wish to. 
It can be difficult. I know myself that speaking about Domestic Discipline to your partner can be hard but you can bet that your partner is feeling the same way!. This conversation could take a few evenings or a few weeks, there is no time frame! So once your have discussed and are both clear about what you want from DD it is time to take the next step..........

Thursday, 14 January 2016

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When Domestic Discipline is Difficult

I think many people, myself included in that think that a Domestic Discipline relationship means that the relationship will be free from any problems or issues that vanilla relationships have. Even though I have been into Domestic Discipline for many years it is hard sometimes to remember that a DD relationship is exactly that.........A RELATIONSHIP!!!! Of which they all have their problems and difficult moments. As those who follow my blog have seen lately we have been facing a few problems, which we have been able to resolve but is it sometimes hard. I think that because we all always saying how great and perfect a DD life is we sometimes forget that it can have it's problems just like any other relationship does. I am always learning, DD is always evolving and changing. Although the basics stay the same. Rules such as respect etc are always the base for a good DD life. We must remember that life is not always perfect and that bad moments are bound to happen. We now seem to be sorted, we are soul mates and that will never change. We just have to keep in mind that we will have issues now and then and that with the proper communication these issues can always be resolved. Life and relationships are not easy sometimes and this will never change! Princess x